Friday, March 4, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (Day 11-13)

Chilkoot Charlies, Sub Zero,

So far this week we have had 2 shows.. Fist one was @ the famous Chilkoot Charlies. We played in the Ice Bar... it was pimp.. Great sound!! and we got some sweet footage!! Check out the recording of Jerry Mane!!

Also we were blessed with Josh Olsen and Jeron Rose presence. It was great to see you guys.. and it is always a pleasure to share a stage with you guys!! :)) Also out on stage with third wheel project... Chris Snyder, Cody Tanner, Jonathan Germann. Mike Oviatt, and Mohamed Dobrova. It was a Rockin Party..

Last night!! we played @ SubZero which is a High Class Martini BAr.. so we all got buttoned up in out button ups.. ANd thanks to facebook and some good networking skills.. we ended up packing the place.. i would say a solid 60 people showed up on a Thursday.. Not to Shabby!!

Tonight WE are ROcking the House @ Al's Alaska Inn!! This is the first place I ever played in Alaska back on my first tour back in October of 2010. I am pumped!! and on top of that we will be having The Venue on FOX.. coming down to shoot some live footage for their t.v. show. Whoo Chee!! Tonight is going to be Hopping!! Cant wait to see some of the footage!! :)

Peace and Love to All!! Hi MOM & and DAd & family, and Friends.. and everyone else! Thanks for all your love and support!! Make sure to be checking to see my upcoming shows once I am back home!! :))