Thursday, March 8, 2012


Amsterdam is something else. So strange how people live. To be honest the people there walking the street seem so peaceful and friendly.. As soon as we got of the train in Amsterdam I immediately caught a wiff of a strong aroma of natural herbs and spices. I am not sure what it was but it smelled amazing. Downtown there are coffee shops every five stores ( I guess people really like coffee here). Alec and I ended up stopping in a coffee shop right away to "Ask for Directions" to find the nearest hostel.

 We stopped in the first place we found called "Meeting Point Hostel" The place was nice! I liked it.  A nice small bar inside and it was locked to outsiders. As time went on we ended up finding it was the cheapest hostel in town. (well kinda). Alec ended up getting his locker literally kicked in, and got $200 Euros stolen from his wallet. Shitty Yes. But what can you do. At least they didn't take a computer, camera, or his passport right next to the money. There was video surveillance outside the room.  There was only two people who could have done it. The hostel said we could report it to the police.. but really whats the point? The people were gone. We would have spent the rest of the day.. to get no where. So we decided to count our blessings and not our losses and move on. "I have already forgiving the person who stole it", Alec said.  I know Amsterdam wasn't his favorite stop so far. For me it was like a dream. It was so surreal.

"Remember, just 'cuz yer in Amsterdam doesn't mean ya hafta do as the Amsterdamians do." - Alec's Mom. haha Funny thing is the people that live in Amsterdam dont really partake in all the the cities lifestyle. They have seen it all. Most of the people walking the streets are not from Holland. We ended up staying at the same hostel for a total of 4 nights sleeping in 14 person rooms. Instead of the lockers.. Alec upgraded to a barrel with a master-locked top on it. Over all I have nothing but good things to say about the Hostel. Great Staff. Great people.. Met a lot of great new friends from Barcelona, Paris, London, Switzerland, and South Africa! Hostels are great for meeting people all over the world.

 While in Amsterdam we did a bunch of Exploring as well. Checked out the many different tourist attractions like the Windmill Brewery, The Heineken Brewery, and the "I Amsterdam" Sign. We ended up getting a little fotage of me jamming out on top of the sign.. which will be release with the Amsterdam section of our "Video Tour Blog" coming out after we can get back an do some editing.  I can't wait to share it! :)) After Amsterdam we were on our way to Utrecht, Holland. Which is about a 6 minute train ride from Amsterdam for my show @ Cafe' Averecht's. It was great sound and a great bar. At First I thought they only had coffee shops in Amsterdam. Turns out it it all of Holland. Man.. I must say I never knew I liked Coffee so much!  However.. I know there is a new law in place that is going to band non citizens the right to come in the coffee shops and partake in the the fun. I am glad I could make it over here before the law took full effect. Thanks to Jasper.. Part Owner of Cafe Averecht's for allowing us to crash at his place. Next morning we were off to Wuppertal, Germany! :))