Monday, February 28, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (day 9 & 10)

WOW!! I love the drive to Girdwood!! always a good time.. good scenery.. not to mention that Girdwood is right next to Mt. Alyeska Ski/Snowboard Resort. I am sure not to many people know this.. but i was planning on doing a little bit of snowboarding while I was up here.. but unfortunately While @ Kelseys.. Family Sledding party I thought it would be cool to to a front flip/cartwheel on a snowboard and tumbled a few times and ended up having a nice AC separation on my right shoulder.. On top of that once I get back to the Cities.. I have plans to go into the studio and doing some serious recording that I can come back with a broken arm for..:)) So boo no fresh poweder for me:( .. but next time for sure!! I wanna go Helli-Boarding and get dropped off at the top of the mountain.. by a helicopter.. there is only one way down and thats down!! So Exciting!! :))) Anyways we ended up packing in the silvertip and those who dont know the Silvertip isnt very big.. so when it is packed it is packed!! Chris, Cody, and I ended up rocking the night away.. Thanks to all that came out!! That night I got to come back to sleep @ SaWEET vacation home .. we ended up hanging pretty late.. its not to often a minnesota boy like me gets to hangout @ sweet places like this looking up @ Mt. Alyeska!! I took a video on my phone and uploaded it to youtube.. check it out!!

Make sure to check out that place!! :))

After we packed up.. Chris and I stopped into most of the bars in Girwood to talk to the owners and find some new places to play next time I am up here.. From there it was to the Furondy.. Which is a 10 day event they have been doing for over 20 years.. it is pretty much a big Carnival/ Snowmobile (Snow machine's is what they call them in Alaska) There was a super jump for snowboarders to gap 2nd Ave.. it was pretty Sweet!! Oh and not to forget the Fur Trade that is going on!! It was pretty windy this day.. and i was far under dressed :(( funny thing is i had all the supplys to stay warm.. i was just on the phone with my wonderful mother and walked out the door not thinking about bringing my heaver duty jack, gloves, hat, and scarf.. I blew it!! haha :) Later that night Cody, Mike, (bass guitar player) ended up stopping in @ Al's Alaska Inn were we shot some pool and got down on some karaoke.. If you like karaoke.. this is the bar to go too.. everyone is doing it and loving it!! haha

From there.. it was a long weekend.. Came home to catch up on my sleep!! :)

They Last few days we have been hanging out in the studio.. working on a new song.. This week we have quite the line up!!

Wed. March 2nd @ Chilkoot Charlies 9-12 (TWP Open JAM)
Thur. March 3rd @ SubZero Martini Bar 6-9 (Acoustic Set)
Fri. March 4th @ Al's Alaska Inn 10-close (Party Central Jamm)
Sun March 6th @ Chilkoot Charlies 9-12 (Live & Local with 94.7 KZND; The End)

It is going to be a crazy WEek.. busy and full of shows!! I am thinking this week is going to fly!!

Thank you once again for your Love & Support!!

Ps. Kelsey.. cant wait to kiss your face!! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (Day 8)


Hope everyone is enjoying the new recordings from the Tapproot.. I know I am!! What a Treat to have those live recordings!!

Wednesday night.. me and Cody did some more taring up the town.. Stopped into The Anchor to shoot some pool.. and Eventually made our way to Famous Chillkoot Charlies.. Where we will be playing later on in the tour. We had planned to stop in to check out the place and then head to a open mic.. How ever Alaskan Amber was running some promo with different silly games to win tickets for the chance to win a an Alaskan Amber Snowboard .. made by Ride Snowboards... So me and Cody ended up sticking around and testing out chances.. one of the games originally I thought was some kind of joke but no doubt it is doable.. Balancing an egg on a light bulb with nothing but a few grans of salt. As seen above.. :) after a few tries Cody and I ended up getting it at the same time and manage to grab a quick pic. We ended up sticking around for the raffle drawing and i figured i would test my luck.. i ended up walking off with a New Alaskan Amber T-shirt!! How EXCITING!!

Thursday I had a article featured in the Anchorage Press!! make sure to check out the article @

The rest of the day.. i did some more work on some new song ideas.. we ended up stopping by Heidi's dads place for a bit to grub some Ravioli.. It is now Officially Friday and tonight Third Wheel Project and my self will be heading Girdwood, AK to Rock out @ the Silvertip Bar and Grille! Last time i was up here we rocked out The Silver Tip.. and had a GReaT Time.. and a great response from everyone there!! Can't wait to do it again!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alaskan Tour (Day 5-7)

"Here's To the Songs, That are Heard in your Heart, Before your Ear" - Cody Tanner

Hello Everyone!!

I want Thank You!.. once again for following my blog. Me an Cody have been hitting up the town like its no bodies business.. On Sunday We Ended up hitting up Humpy's And both Rocking a set. I played "Crow", "Stranger" and " Romeo & Juliet" Afterwards we stopped into McGinley's to work on setting up a possible show while I am here on tour. From there we proceeded to the The Anchor where we found a nice set of Pabst Blue Ribbon Bag Toss ("cornhole" up here) and we smoked the entire bar.. I was busting out hook shots, Ally-oops, and behind the backs.. and draining it in the hole every time... (must have been all the practice @ DMB Alpine Valley for the last 5 years) Not to mention Cody had never ever seen bags before... people were buying us free drinks to play us.. and the bar tender ended up like us so much he took care of our tab!! Over all Successful night...

Monday Morning.. Woke up.. Cody and I tried meeting up with one of our common photographers Melissa Noltie, and Vocalist Laura Stewart @ Kaladi Brothers.. Unfortunately We did not catch them in time. We ended up hanging out an Busting out the Chess Board for a couple hours.. Who Doesn't like Chess.. Seriously.. that game can get addicting!! We ended coming back and working in the studio with Cody, Chris, and Heidi.... Later that night... Cody and I went up to The Anchor bar to help brainstorm some ideas with the owner about a setting a show up there.

Tuesday night.. Cody and I Made a good impression on the Tapproot!! We both Had GREat SETS!! Make sure to Stream My Set!! "Wonderful" "Free Roam" "Chemical Breakdown" & "Crow" @ . Also Check out Good Friend of mine Cody Tanners Music @ . I cant stop listening to his song.. "These Trees"!! and You NEED TO HEAR IT!! I am Not even just saying that. It is currently my Favorite song. Also I wanna Thank Mo of UN1QUE Designs for coming out to chill with us!! It was good to see you. After words We stopped in @ Mo's Studio to Meet good Friend/Drummer Josh Olsen and hear a band he is currently managing.. rock out there set.

Currently.. Wednesday.. I am chilling up @ Acai Alaska Listening to Cody Quietly play Pink Floyd "Breathe" and enjoying the most amazing Acai Bowl. Check out this place.. it is the only one.. Wish i had one back

"Music is not about the noise nor the harmonies that you can make, but the silence which you leave the audience"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (Day 3-4/ The Weekend)


haha i feel so powereful when i type it like that!! haha :)

Last blog I posted on Friday evening Johnathan was on his way over to lay down some tracks.. AND LAY TRACKS IS WHAT HE DID!! He added a solid base line, along with some fancy lead guitar work to spice up the mix to "Pocket Change". Followed by Chris laying some sweet sounds on the keyboard!! I CAn't WAIT for you all to hear the final mix!! It is such a Fun and Up beat song.. I cant stop listening to it!!

That night we Played @ the S Lounge. Very COOL PLACE!! with Excellent Italian food. They Just recently brought a young cook over from Rome. Who makes a Mean Dish.. Also the place is goin through a remodel.. they just added a new bar area and have plans to double the size of the stage. Cant wait to see the final Product.!! For our Set we rocked the Keys, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Johnathan brought out his twin brother Jason to Rock the Drum set. We also had the Congas and Djembe to rock out on!! We killed it!!

During the day yesterday Chris and I spent a good amount of time working in the studio on a Jingle for a Clothing Store up here Called Bottoms Boutique. Its Funny Catchy, Short, And you are goin to love it!! Man is Recording ever a lot of fun!! I love being able to hear it!! :))......Last night we were asked to rock the S Lounge Again.. So WE DID!!Last night was more of acoustic set with the guitars and hand drums!! a little more low key. Chill Atmosphere.. Good people. Local Aritst Tyler Cortez also came down to the S lounge to share his talents!! I wanna Thank Christina Miller for coming out to the show!! another Fellow Woodburian.. It was nice to meet you and i hope you enjoy the CD!!

Thank you to those who have joined on board for my blog!! Tell your Friends!! Share on Facebook!! Such a Good idea.. Thanks Kels for motivating me to put one up!! :)

Today is day Five..I talked to my dad this morning and he said MN is getting some serious snow!! glad i am not there right now!! haha Chris, Heidi, Story, and I are bout to head to church! :) Its always fun going to someone elses Church! :)

Tonight.. who knows!!

Sunday Funday.. You never know what could happen!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (Day 2-3)

This Goes out to my 4 Followers ..and those who might be checking out my site but refuse to follow .. ;) (-1 for me - 1 for Chris) I guess that leaves 2 Followers .. Krista Patton and Clint Knutsen as my two favorite people right now :)) haha.. I Thought about putting up another blog last night.. but I felt like the timing wasn't right.. I needed some more significant events to write about... Yesterday Chris Heidi and I went to Heidi's family's Alaskan Cabin ( to pick up my King Size Blow up mattress and pick up some additional supply's in shades of green ;).. We did some more jamming out worked on writing some new songs..... Well here we are.. half way through day three.. Breakfast was Coffee and Egg and salsa burrito. Chris just left to go pick up Johnathan Germann (drummer, guitar, bass player) to lay down some different parts to a few of the recordings we already have done. Tonight we were asked to Play @ the S Lounge. I look forward to checking the place out and breaking out some moves with TWP.

Friday night!! you never know what could happen!! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (Day One)

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time setting up a blog so I hope that everything works out ok!! Just to create the setting... I just got up to Alaska last night @ about 12:45.. and I will be here for the next three weeks on tour with Chris Snyder & Third Wheel Project. I am staying @ Chris' Place with with Wife and Daughter Heidi & Story. Today.. we took it pretty easy.. just hanging out in the studio working on recording "Pocket Change".. We also did a little G-Shopping at Costco to stock up on some food for the week.. Tonight we had pizza.. we also grabbed a 12 pack of PBR.. had a few and hung out with Chris & Heidi.. Chris and I taught Heidi how to rock out on the bass guitar with us to "Romeo & Juliet".. it was pretty Sweet!! I wanna Thank Chris and Heidi for being such good host/hostess and taking me in to your home. I look forward to the next three weeks and cant wait to keep everyone posted as we make our rounds!! Peace & Love!! Good night!!