Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Few Days in my Fall Alaskan Tour 2011

It is SOO great to be back up in Alaska! At this point in my life it is for sure one of my favorite places in the world to be! Good People! Good Friends! Good Music! For those who don't know this is my third time up in Alaska on tour with my music with Chris Snyder Founder of Third Wheel Project. I was here last year at exactly the same time! 

When I got off the plane I was picked up by my good Friend Mo who owns Unique Designs. Mo is Also in Charge of setting up The Venue which is a local T.V. show similar to how MTV is set up. I just found out that The Venue just got bought out by NBC and will be Airing after Saturday Night Live in the City of Anchorage! Any ways the Music Video that me And Joey Carlini have been working so long will be Part of this Saturdays Show.. Which is also the first episode of the Venue to be aired on NBC. I Am PUMPED!! CAnt wait to Officially release it in the States! The Official Release for the Video Premier is Te Be Announced!

It only gets better..

I got up here in Alaska at 2:30pm Sunday.. and Had a show in Eagle River @ a place Called Jitters @ 4pm. Straight from the airport to a show! I gave myself some serious "Rock Star Style Points" for that one! That night we hung out at Garcia's a Mexican Restaurant and Bar in Eagle River, AK and hung out with some old and some new friends. Afterwards we went back to a new friends house.. and had a serious jam session with ten different people! I was Crazy Awesome and the best AK welcome I could ever wish for!

The next morning I woke up.. looked out my window to the most beautiful view!

That morning me and Chris went to a local meat shop and picked up a 16lb beef brisket and slow cooked it all day!! Most AMAZING MEAL!! I ate myself to Sleep it was sooo GOOD!! 

Today I am just chilling @ Humpy's Great Alaskan Ale House in Anchorage sipping on some Moose's Tooth Pale Ale an Alaskan Brewed Beer. I have been wandering around Downtown Anchorage all day talking to people and bars about up coming shows.. and in the process of booking a few more shows while I am here!

As far as plans.. Rock out as much as possible! Have a good time! hang out with my AK Family! It truly is such a good feeling to be back up here. Such a Blessing! :)

A Special Thanks to Chris and Heidi for taking care of me while I am hear! I couldn't ask for more! :) 
And a Special Thanks to all my Fans.. and Family! Thanks Mom and Dad for all you Support! :)

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