Friday, February 18, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (Day 2-3)

This Goes out to my 4 Followers ..and those who might be checking out my site but refuse to follow .. ;) (-1 for me - 1 for Chris) I guess that leaves 2 Followers .. Krista Patton and Clint Knutsen as my two favorite people right now :)) haha.. I Thought about putting up another blog last night.. but I felt like the timing wasn't right.. I needed some more significant events to write about... Yesterday Chris Heidi and I went to Heidi's family's Alaskan Cabin ( to pick up my King Size Blow up mattress and pick up some additional supply's in shades of green ;).. We did some more jamming out worked on writing some new songs..... Well here we are.. half way through day three.. Breakfast was Coffee and Egg and salsa burrito. Chris just left to go pick up Johnathan Germann (drummer, guitar, bass player) to lay down some different parts to a few of the recordings we already have done. Tonight we were asked to Play @ the S Lounge. I look forward to checking the place out and breaking out some moves with TWP.

Friday night!! you never know what could happen!! :)


  1. Brotha! These past couple days have been so much fun! I can't wait to see how many songs we end up tracking out by the end of this 3 week adventure! ROCK ON BROTHA!

  2. I Like the blog, great idea. Brandon is over and we set up a Gmail for so I can comment on your blog.

  3. Hi Joel, Glad you are having an awesome time. I'm listening to some of your music right now. Kelsey and I went to Trader Joe's today. It was crazy. We're supposed to get a shit ton of snow tonight and tomorrow. We have not had enough! Keep on rock'n! Love, Beth