Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (Day 3-4/ The Weekend)


haha i feel so powereful when i type it like that!! haha :)

Last blog I posted on Friday evening Johnathan was on his way over to lay down some tracks.. AND LAY TRACKS IS WHAT HE DID!! He added a solid base line, along with some fancy lead guitar work to spice up the mix to "Pocket Change". Followed by Chris laying some sweet sounds on the keyboard!! I CAn't WAIT for you all to hear the final mix!! It is such a Fun and Up beat song.. I cant stop listening to it!!

That night we Played @ the S Lounge. Very COOL PLACE!! with Excellent Italian food. They Just recently brought a young cook over from Rome. Who makes a Mean Dish.. Also the place is goin through a remodel.. they just added a new bar area and have plans to double the size of the stage. Cant wait to see the final Product.!! For our Set we rocked the Keys, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Johnathan brought out his twin brother Jason to Rock the Drum set. We also had the Congas and Djembe to rock out on!! We killed it!!

During the day yesterday Chris and I spent a good amount of time working in the studio on a Jingle for a Clothing Store up here Called Bottoms Boutique. Its Funny Catchy, Short, And you are goin to love it!! Man is Recording ever a lot of fun!! I love being able to hear it!! :))......Last night we were asked to rock the S Lounge Again.. So WE DID!!Last night was more of acoustic set with the guitars and hand drums!! a little more low key. Chill Atmosphere.. Good people. Local Aritst Tyler Cortez also came down to the S lounge to share his talents!! I wanna Thank Christina Miller for coming out to the show!! another Fellow Woodburian.. It was nice to meet you and i hope you enjoy the CD!!

Thank you to those who have joined on board for my blog!! Tell your Friends!! Share on Facebook!! Such a Good idea.. Thanks Kels for motivating me to put one up!! :)

Today is day Five..I talked to my dad this morning and he said MN is getting some serious snow!! glad i am not there right now!! haha Chris, Heidi, Story, and I are bout to head to church! :) Its always fun going to someone elses Church! :)

Tonight.. who knows!!

Sunday Funday.. You never know what could happen!!

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