Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alaskan Tour (Day 5-7)

"Here's To the Songs, That are Heard in your Heart, Before your Ear" - Cody Tanner

Hello Everyone!!

I want Thank You!.. once again for following my blog. Me an Cody have been hitting up the town like its no bodies business.. On Sunday We Ended up hitting up Humpy's And both Rocking a set. I played "Crow", "Stranger" and " Romeo & Juliet" Afterwards we stopped into McGinley's to work on setting up a possible show while I am here on tour. From there we proceeded to the The Anchor where we found a nice set of Pabst Blue Ribbon Bag Toss ("cornhole" up here) and we smoked the entire bar.. I was busting out hook shots, Ally-oops, and behind the backs.. and draining it in the hole every time... (must have been all the practice @ DMB Alpine Valley for the last 5 years) Not to mention Cody had never ever seen bags before... people were buying us free drinks to play us.. and the bar tender ended up like us so much he took care of our tab!! Over all Successful night...

Monday Morning.. Woke up.. Cody and I tried meeting up with one of our common photographers Melissa Noltie, and Vocalist Laura Stewart @ Kaladi Brothers.. Unfortunately We did not catch them in time. We ended up hanging out an Busting out the Chess Board for a couple hours.. Who Doesn't like Chess.. Seriously.. that game can get addicting!! We ended coming back and working in the studio with Cody, Chris, and Heidi.... Later that night... Cody and I went up to The Anchor bar to help brainstorm some ideas with the owner about a setting a show up there.

Tuesday night.. Cody and I Made a good impression on the Tapproot!! We both Had GREat SETS!! Make sure to Stream My Set!! "Wonderful" "Free Roam" "Chemical Breakdown" & "Crow" @ . Also Check out Good Friend of mine Cody Tanners Music @ . I cant stop listening to his song.. "These Trees"!! and You NEED TO HEAR IT!! I am Not even just saying that. It is currently my Favorite song. Also I wanna Thank Mo of UN1QUE Designs for coming out to chill with us!! It was good to see you. After words We stopped in @ Mo's Studio to Meet good Friend/Drummer Josh Olsen and hear a band he is currently managing.. rock out there set.

Currently.. Wednesday.. I am chilling up @ Acai Alaska Listening to Cody Quietly play Pink Floyd "Breathe" and enjoying the most amazing Acai Bowl. Check out this place.. it is the only one.. Wish i had one back

"Music is not about the noise nor the harmonies that you can make, but the silence which you leave the audience"

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