Friday, February 25, 2011

Alaskan Winter Tour (Day 8)


Hope everyone is enjoying the new recordings from the Tapproot.. I know I am!! What a Treat to have those live recordings!!

Wednesday night.. me and Cody did some more taring up the town.. Stopped into The Anchor to shoot some pool.. and Eventually made our way to Famous Chillkoot Charlies.. Where we will be playing later on in the tour. We had planned to stop in to check out the place and then head to a open mic.. How ever Alaskan Amber was running some promo with different silly games to win tickets for the chance to win a an Alaskan Amber Snowboard .. made by Ride Snowboards... So me and Cody ended up sticking around and testing out chances.. one of the games originally I thought was some kind of joke but no doubt it is doable.. Balancing an egg on a light bulb with nothing but a few grans of salt. As seen above.. :) after a few tries Cody and I ended up getting it at the same time and manage to grab a quick pic. We ended up sticking around for the raffle drawing and i figured i would test my luck.. i ended up walking off with a New Alaskan Amber T-shirt!! How EXCITING!!

Thursday I had a article featured in the Anchorage Press!! make sure to check out the article @

The rest of the day.. i did some more work on some new song ideas.. we ended up stopping by Heidi's dads place for a bit to grub some Ravioli.. It is now Officially Friday and tonight Third Wheel Project and my self will be heading Girdwood, AK to Rock out @ the Silvertip Bar and Grille! Last time i was up here we rocked out The Silver Tip.. and had a GReaT Time.. and a great response from everyone there!! Can't wait to do it again!!

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